Andreas Baumkircher

GPS: Longitude Latitude
N 47°48`980
O 16°03`421

A-2724 Maiersdorf
Nettingerstraße 112
T: +43 2638 81380
F: +43 2638 81380
M: +43 664 7394 6361

Due to my demand on highest standards, I only build high qu ality black powder/muzzleloader firearms both for the competitive shot and collector. Every part in my products is handcrafted out of high quality steel (no casting parts) according to my high standards of quality. For example for barrels I only use Ueli Eichelberger barrel blanks, handmade in Switzerland. All rifles are fitted as standard with Handcrafted Baumkircher sights to insure the highest possible accuracy and functionality of my pistols and rifles.
NEW Baumkircher-Blunt & Syms Sidelock pistol 

The prices are basic prices.


A warm welcome - you are exactly right - for black powder weapons specialists in Europé - remarkable for a number of titles

(World Championships, European Championships and numerous titles in national championships).

The acquisition of weapons is bound to the Austrian gun laws