Andreas Baumkircher

GPS: Longitude Latitude
N 47°48`980
O 16°03`421

A-2724 Maiersdorf
Nettingerstraße 112
T: +43 2638 81380
F: +43 2638 81380
M: +43 664 7394 6361


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Baumkircher Pro-Line bullets, the right choice for muzzleloaders and Western style cartridge guns and modern firearms Click for price list 0
Pistol Carrieng bag 60
Original Baumkircher Revolver lube 10
Original Baumkircher Patch Lube , suitable for both rifle and pistol patches (250 ml.) 25
Original Baumkircher Rifle lube to be used both for conical bullets and blackpowder cartridge bullets 10
Baumkircher cross patch, comes with a practical patch holder containing 250 patches 24
Trenn Gel, Teflon lube 15
50 Baumkircher CPB Bullet for 50 meter cal.41, 338grain 19
50 Baumkircher CPB Bullet for 100meter, cal.41, 436grains 21
DR. GOODWIN Longrange sight, Made by Andreas Baumkircher 380
Baumkircher Cross Patch Bullet "CPB" 100 meter weight 436 grains, Cal. 41 21
Loadingrod with muzzle protection guide 65
Niple wrench with Rosewood handle 50
cleaning hose 18
Nipple cover, protection for your pistol nipple allows you to "dry" fire without damaging your pistol nipple 3

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A warm welcome - you are exactly right - for black powder weapons specialists in Europé - remarkable for a number of titles

(World Championships, European Championships and numerous titles in national championships).

The acquisition of weapons is bound to the Austrian gun laws