Andreas Baumkircher

GPS: Longitude Latitude
N 47°48`980
O 16°03`421

A-2724 Maiersdorf
Nettingerstraße 112
T: +43 2638 81380
F: +43 2638 81380
M: +43 664 7394 6361

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Last Order: August 26th 2018!!!

Dear Black Powder-Fan-Community!

About 45 years ago I was infected with the black powder virus. Since then I was intensively engaged
in producing high quality black powder competition weapons.

My first successful BP-pistol model, the „Baumkircher-Billinghurst klassik“, was invented 1987in Switzerland, more than 30 years ago. 
From that time on I made my living mainly in producing fine high quality BP-competition weapons. Although it might appear that the market 
of BP-weapons should be saturated by now, it does not seem so if I take a look at my order books. Quite the contrary is true: Again I am 
in the same situation I have been in the mid 1980ies at the height of the BP-boom, a situation I never wanted to be in again: 
A One-Man-Institution with over flowing order books and a delivering time of 1 to 2 years on quite general orders. 
However, although people address me with attributes like: “… exquisite – expensive – extremely long delivery time!” the encouragement 
of my fan-community is unbowed.

When I returned to Austria in 2006 I desperately hoped to gain spare time allowing me to tackle with some projects close to my heart 
just in time before my tools would pass out of my hands. Thus to save some time for me and my projects in view of my upcoming retirement 
I decided with heavy heart to terminate all upcoming orders with the end of this years MLAIC-world championship in Eisenstadt, 
Austria, on August 26th 2018! 
No further orders will be accepted!

That does not mean that I will vanish in “retirement”. In fact completing all currently outstanding orders will take me at least 2 to 3 years. 
Also all my trusty customers can rely on having all their weapons I have made or tuned over the years, fixed or altered as long as I am able to. 
Nevertheless my personal hobbies and projects will have priority in future.

I am sure we will meet at various BP-events in future and I hope that I am able to overtake you with reports of my adventures or the 
stunning outcome of some of my personal projects.

In this spirit: „Keep your powder dry!“ and I want to thank all of you who have relied to and trusted in me for the last years 
or even decades!

Cordially yours,


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A warm welcome - you are exactly right - for black powder weapons specialists in Europé - remarkable for a number of titles

(World Championships, European Championships and numerous titles in national championships).

The acquisition of weapons is bound to the Austrian gun laws